Bujaco Tower is the most important tower of the city and one of the symbols of Caceres. It is also known as the New Tower. It is Arab Style, built in the 12th century, on Roman ashlar stones. It has a square plant, with balconies in each sides, the one in the front side was built in Renaissance Style, added to the tower in the eighteenth century. Its height is near 25 meters with a shot from battlements.

The tower is called Bujaco by corruption of the name of the Caliph Abu Ya’qub – whose troops conquered the city on 1173, March 10th, after six months of siege. It’s also called Clock’s Tower because from the late sixteenth century to the late eighteenth century had installed a clock that served as temporary orientation to the people who lived in the public square and engaged in commerce. This clock was moved to the Church of San Mateo where you can see it actually.

The tower of Bujaco has a meritorious interpretation center about the history of the city, and the views from the upper part of the tower are really fantastic.

Recommendations: Visit the Centre of Interpretation of the Three Cultures.

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